When Being A Parent Jeopardizes Your Sanity

I love my kids more than anything in the world, but I was sooooooooooooo glad when school started! As a Mom who works from home, summer can be quite challenging these days. Every few minutes, someone is coming into my office, “Mom, can I have this? Mom, can I have that? What cha doing? So and so hit me! Well, she touched me first!” It’s amazing how the loves of your life can drive you completely insane at times! Sometimes, I really wish Calgon actually would take me away!

It’s not until you become a parent that you truly understand the value of peace and quiet!

Although I knew I would miss them terribly, dropping the kids off at school on that first day back was probably the most excited I have been in a while. I felt like throwing a party! Finally a quiet house to work in! This week, I’m treating myself to a massage!

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