Three Strikes You’re Out, Denny’s!

When it comes to horrible experiences, the Denny’s in Monroeville, PA is the solid gold winner. I normally try to give restaurants the benefit of the doubt when I have bad experiences. Maybe the waitress is having a bad day, or maybe they are short on staff. However, when I see a pattern after a few visits, then it’s time to add them to my “Do Not Eat There” list.

Three Strikes You’re Out, Denny’s!

Recently, I went to the Monroeville, PA Denny’s for breakfast. I’m not quite sure why I decided to go being that I have been there twice already in the past with not so good experiences. Being open minded, I decided to give them another chance.

When I arrived at the restaurant this particular morning, I stood inside next to the “Please wait to be seated” sign for about 5 minutes. I’m not really sure why it took so long seeing as I was the only one in line. The restaurant was fairly empty except for the one table that was occupied by two gentlemen who were already eating when I arrived. As I’m standing there waiting, I count three employees who pop in and out of the kitchen area, never saying a word to me. Finally, a young lady comes over to escort me to a seat. We pass up multiple tables on our quest to find just the right one. What exactly she is looking for, I don’t know! She finally seats me at a booth way in the back. “Why did we pass up all of those seats to come all the way back here?” I prepare myself to ask. No, forget it! I thank her and proceed to look at my menu.


After another 10 minutes, my waitress, who I had assumed was lost, finds her way to my table. Surprisingly, the food did not take long to arrive at my table. Unfortunately though, I ended up leaving the majority of it on that same table when I left.


The pancakes were overcooked, the eggs were undercooked and way too runny, and the toast was so cold that the butter could not melt! Being that I did not see my waitress again until she brought my check to me, and there seemed to be no other employees around, I was not able to send this horrible food back. At this point, I lost my appetite! I left that nasty food right there where it belonged, and walked out the door. In spite of how I felt, I paid the cashier for the food, but there was no way that disappearing waitress was getting a tip! Heck, I left her a whole breakfast to enjoy! Bon Appetit!

Denny’s, you don’t have to worry about me ever frequenting your restaurants ever again!




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