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Irresistible Chaos

On The Road With The Sharp Brothers




Meet Kassidy Page


Kassidy Page is a young, vibrant publicist who has been hired by the legendary musical icons, The Sharp Brothers, to help in their journey of making a major comeback.  She has been brought on to assist in guiding the group back to super stardom after they have been on an almost 20 year hiatus.  The group was HUGE in their 20’s with fans all over the world. Now in their 40’s, The Sharp Brothers are ready to get back out there on stage. However, things have changed!  Not just in the music industry! But, also the lives of the group members have become more complicated, which sometimes causes major problems along the way.  Kassidy is here to help guide the brothers’ professional careers, but as it turns out, she ends up spending most of the time trying to clean up their mess. The mess of their personal lives that keeps getting in the way of business! Kassidy reluctantly finds herself “mothering” a group of men twice her age while trying to cover up the multitude of mayhem they create as well as hiding all of their many secrets (and her own).

This e-book series is a comical look at the life on the road with a major musical group filled with chaos, drama, tension, suspense, surprises, and secrets.


Click the links bellow to download each episode:


Backstage Circus  – Episode 1



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