Ignore The Noise

Don’t let anyone (I don’t care who it is) stop you from pursuing your dreams! Use their negative words as fuel! When I was younger, I grew up in a family were everyone was so negative and constantly spoke negative words over each other. I heard those awful words spoken way too many times, “You ain’t never gonna be nothing!” “You can’t…” “You won’t make it, so stop trying!” See, what I had to learn is that people who are scared to try for better and settle for less than the best will try to make you settle too. They don’t want to see you succeed, because that would only prove that they did not even try. Don’t ever allow anyone’s words to stop you! As a child, I actually started believing the words that were spewed at me, but I always knew there had to be something better out there. I had to learn to ignore the “noise”! They called Einstein stupid, they said Oprah would never amount to anything, they wouldn’t even let Michael Jordan play on his high school team, because they said he was a “bad player”! However, these people all ignored the “noise”! I had to learn to do the same, and you can too! Don’t ever allow anyone’s words or opinions of who they “think” you are to deter you from being the great YOU you were meant to be!

Reach for your goals anyway!

Strive to be the best anyway!

Be great and Ignore the noise!



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