How To Get Your Kids To Stop Ignoring You

Those who know me know that my parenting style is very different than most! My children learn so much better from experience, so just telling them to do or not to do something is just a waste of my time! And who has time to be wasting?

My kids are going through that “selective hearing” stage right now. You know, the one where they pretend that they can’t hear you calling them when they think you’re going to ask them to do something. I decided it was time to give them a taste of their own medicine. Ok, y’all want to ignore me? I got you!

Ten minutes after ignoring my calls for them to come pick up their toys, my children decided to come into my office to ask if they could have a snack. So, I picked up my phone and started acting like I didn’t hear a thing.

“Mommy! Did you hear me? Can we have a snack?” I kept typing and checking emails, never once looking up. I could tell they were getting very irritated! On the inside, I was cracking up laughing. However, I could not crack a smile in front of them, because I knew it would ruin the whole lesson that I was trying to teach them. I just kept on pretending like they were not even there.


After a few minutes of being ignored, the kids finally went back downstairs huffing and puffing. About 10 minutes later, I went down and ask them how they are feeling.


“Good! Now you know how Mommy feels when you ignore me!”


I haven’t been ignored by them since!

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